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Top 5 Reasons to go Kayak Fishing

March 8, 2020 | Kayak Fishing | No Comments

Kayak fishing has increased in popularity over the years, partly due to fisherman being more accepting of this way of fishing along with kayak companies building kayaks specifically designed with kayak fishing in mind. There are many reasons to fish from a kayak but I have put together my five top reasons here:

1. Kayak Fishing is more versatile.

With the improved stealthiness of a kayak combined with its extreme skinny water capabilities, this allows for fishing in waters that are less pressured than others. Fishing from a kayak may also allow you to fish bodies of water that are off limits to motorized boats or with no boat access at all.

2. Kayaks can be transported more easily.

Getting the kayak to the fishing area is much easier than a boat on a trailer. It can easily be thrown onto the bed of a truck, or on top of your car or SUV. Being able to get out on the water more easily will likely lead to you fishing more often.

3. Lower cost of entry.

While there is a wide range of fishing kayak prices, there is likely an option to fit almost anyone’s budget. There are budget friendly versions for $200 or less all the way up to models costing several thousand dollars. You can argue back and forth about which is the best fishing kayak, but I say buy one you can afford, and get out on the water!

4. It’s good exercise.

It goes without saying that paddling several miles while visiting your favorite fishing grounds would contribute a good amount of exercise. It is a great workout for your abs, arms, shoulders and torso. If you have a kayak you can stand on you will also get some benefit for your legs while trying to keep your balance. You can also get a foot paddle kayak that propels you by kicking your feet, similar to riding a bicycle, or even kayaks with electric motors. I am more of a purest and prefer the traditional paddling method, but you can make your own decisions.

5. Fishing from a kayak is just plain fun!

The main thing is to get out there and have fun. It is a really good thing if you can combine two things you love into a new interesting and challenging activity. In my opinion, the kayak gets you more in touch with your surroundings. Hooking into a big fish and feeling it pull you along and increase the excitement of the fishing experience is well worth it.

It’s up to you.

When all is said and done only you can decide if this is the best activity for you. If you like fishing but are not into paddling your way around, stick to traditional fishing. If you like kayaking for the unique views of nature that are presented by this method of travel and don’t want fishing lines in your way then so be it. However if you are like me, when I combine these two loves of mine, it makes me a happier person.